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As we desire to leave rentals and move into our houses, the presentability of the house comes along. But a presentable house starts with the quality of roofing designs available in the market. There are thousands of roofing designs in Kenya to choose from for your house.

Types of roofing designs in Kenya

There are popular designs that have been put up by many homeowners.

Gabled roof designs

For these roofing designs in Kenya, they have put in a way that two rectangle surfaces are joined at the peak of the house at a roof angle forming a ridge. It is also characterized by its ‘A’ or triangle shape at the sides of the roof.

The roofing works best when the house is rectangular in shape, a good example is a classroom in school. It is affordable and cheap to set up, which ranks it among the most popular roofing designs in Kenya among citizens.

Hipped roofs

Unlike gabled roofs, hipped roofs slopes on four sides of a house where the sides meet at the peak forming a ridge at the top. It is very durable due to the inwards slope of all the four sides which makes it stable enough to an external force.


 Such roofing designs in Kenya provide enough space in the roof for additional rooms like dormers which can be used as tools stores or the boys sleeping ground. Depending on the house design, they can be cross-hipped or half-hipped.

Flat roofs

The technique is becoming more popular on residential premises as how it was in the commercial and industrial building styles. All this is thanks to the technological advancement in architecture. The roof is not necessarily flat but slightly slanted to allow water to flow from the roof.

roofing designs in Kenya

It is purely advantageous since it provides outdoor space, for example, in townhouses that have limited space for backyards. Likely, they are cheaper to construct since they follow the full structure of the house. They are usually coated with (EPDM) which is waterproof.

Skillion roof

From its outlook, it is also called a shed roof, it consists of a single sloping roof that will be put on a wall higher, which puts it above the other roofs. It may look like a half-gabled roof. Such roofing designs in Kenya are most common in modern architecture.  Its long huge eaves usually make it be called a shed roof.

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It is characterized by its extending ledge on the base of the roof which has a lesser slope. The upper sloppy part of the roof can be any design, gambled, skillion, or any other but once the extended bottom is put it becomes a bonnet roof of that design. Such features make them affordable roofing designs in Kenya.


It can also be referred to as the inverted gabled roof. Like the butterfly’s wings, they form a letter V-shape. At the end of the day, you end up with the high ends of the ceiling.


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