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We have desires and goals to achieve. Thousands of us would want simplicity in a house design, but a hand full of us would want big luxurious houses. Think of two storey house designs in Kenya, it can be a precise house for either a small or average family. Building a house might be scary, but with the right equipment and experts, the workmanship will be quality and presentable.

If we talk of two storey house designs in Kenya, maisonette rings in my mind. This is a house that will have two floors and can occupy any space carrying several numbers of bedrooms. They can either be apartments, townhouses, villas, or even Victorians among other houses. Above all, have several importance.

House Plans Kenya

3 bedroom maisonette building plan in Kenya
4 bedroom bungalow house plan
4 bedroom flat roof design
apartment plan for 1 and 2 bedroom units
apartment plans for 2 bedrooms with swimming pool

Importance  of a two storey house design in Kenya

1. Two storey house designs in Kenya will save limited space.

 It can be built on both small and big land. But the importance comes in when the house can carry the rooms vertically leaving more space horizontally. Come back and front yard space will be left, the back yard can be used for many home activities but the front yard is always considered the first impression, therefore, it will be presentable with clean patios.

two storey house design in Kenya

2. This style of the house will save your budget a great deal.

 With the experience that your contractor will have, he will show you where to save most and where to spend. But for two storey house designs in Kenya, it is automatic that you will save most on the roofing cost and foundation. A smaller roof is set to shelter the many rooms below it, similarly, a small but deeper foundation will be dug for the rooms.

3.Appearance and beauty

 are what hundreds of us want in a house, a good number of us have seen these features in two storey house designs in Kenya. Picture the house as a contemporary house design. The beauty that the house has with its sliding glass walls and windows together with the aesthetics applied to the house is unquestionable. The house is attractive and most of us would want to have this design of the house.

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4. Safety and privacy

can make you think of how best can I build your house. But this is answered by two storey house designs in Kenya. The house will put the personal rooms upstairs which will always prevent guests from prying into private rooms. The house limits any none member of the house to the ground floor. Also, the house allows the owners to monitor what happens beyond the walls which allows them to know if it is safe outside or not.

When we desire comfy two storey house designs in Kenya, we must think of how best can we improve the aesthetics and above all the air conditioning and furniture. Smart home mechanization is a modern technology that is used to control the lighting and air conditioning in a house. The devices are usually connected to the owner’s phone and with just a tap on the phone everything in the house changes.

In the modernized world, the new techniques that are coming up in construction are curves and black colour. The two-storey house designs in Kenya will need fittings that are similar to the curves of the house which should be in line with the colour that the house has been painted with


Thinking of two storey house designs in Kenya? Think of West Kenya Real Estate Ltd. West Kenya Real Estate Ltd is a design and building company registered as a limited company with offices in Kisumu and Nairobi. We design and also build preferring to transform designs into a house. We also offer other real estate-related services like property management, valuation, sales, and letting. Feel free to talk to us today on 0724481087 or 0789217685 or email us at info@westkenyarealestate.com.

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