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Joint Venture

3 Deal Breakers during Joint Venture Negotiation Stage

As soon as you have a project and you also want funding, the last thing you care to is for an interested party to walk out of a meeting not in agreement with everyone or vice versa. Now you have an unfortunate event which we have witnessed when two or more parties meet at negotiation […]

10 Advantages of Real Estate Joint Venture

Have you had the experience of having so many ideas in your mind with no capital to carry it out? This calls for an innovative way to raise or find funding. One such way is through a joint venture. What is a Joint Venture? A joint venture is a business arrangement where two r more […]

Why Joint Ventures are the Future of Real Estate Investment in Kenya

Real Estate Investments remain an attractive investment opportunity due to the relatively high returns as compared to the more traditional investment opportunities like equities (shares) and fixed income (bonds). In Kenya, the growth of the middle class has led to increased demand for quality and aspirational real estate. This has also prompted more players to […]

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