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simple house designs in kenya

The most important thing that thousands of us will ever want is to own a house that is large, presentable, and energy efficient. The houses have been turned into precious structures that determine the worth and class of individuals. It might not be easy and also scary but the results that the contractors will present are the best investment. If you are planning to have a structure of a house, you must think of the cost of building a maisonette in Kenya.

A maisonette is a house design that the majority of us refer to as story building. The house will always have more than one floor, which makes it a model that can easily and cheaply accommodate a big size of house. The structure allows the owner to put as many rooms as possible, the house can accommodate four bedrooms and beyond. The cost of building a maisonette in Kenya will be cheaper compared to other models of houses.

If the cost of building a maisonette in Kenya is put in the range of Ksh 15,000 – 70,000, depending on various factors being kept constant the actual price will be determined. But the factors cannot be constant all the time, therefore, the factors must be considered and treated as expected.

1.The area of construction

This will also determine the cost of building a maisonette in Kenya. The area of construction will constitute the location, topography, and size of the land. All these factors will count toward the final cost of the house.

2. The location

This will take up the transportation cost of materials from the nearest collection point to the construction site. Approximately if a house is built in Kakamega, but the materials are to be shifted from Nairobi, the cost of transportation will add up to the construction cost. If a truck will cost Ksh 40 for one foot, and estimating that it can cover around 6000 feet then the total cost of transportation of the materials will be Ksh 240,000. Therefore, the cost of building a maisonette in Kenya, Ksh 240,000 will be added.


3.Topography also known as the landscape of the land

This will greatly count to the cost of building a maisonette in Kenya. Building a house on flat land is always considered cheaper, and fewer materials are used in building the house. For rocky land, it will take more time and money to dig a foundation, the cost will also increase if the house is built on hilly land which will require technical engineering skills that will be expensive.

4. The size of the land

This will determine the size of a house in square meters that you will build. The small size of the land will only accommodate a small design of a house, therefore the cost of building a maisonette in Kenya will be cheaper depending on the aesthetics that will be used.

5. The type of soil and aeration

That the construction site will determine the cost of building a maisonette house in Kenya. A swampy area will require too many materials to make the base firm, it will require murram which will be used as a platform to mount the foundation of the building.


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