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Factors that drive the Real Estate Market in Kenya

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Real estate is an exceptional portion of wealth to most people, this is true for homeowners. Most people in the country own their homes; the scale of the real estate market is an attractive and lucrative sector for investors


Is the data that describes the composition of a population, such as age, gender, income and population growth. These statistics are checked but the significant factor that affects how a real estate is priced and what type of properties are in demand. There have been large impacts on real estate for decades in various nations due to major shifts in the demographics.

There are many ways this type of demographic shift can have an impact on the real estate market for an investor; some key questions to ask are;

  1. How will this affect the demand for second homes in popular vacation areas as more and more people start to retire
  2. How would this have an impact on the demand for larger homes if incomes are less and children have moved out

This question can help an investor narrow down to the location and the type of their desirable real estate investment.

Interest Rate

They also majorly affect the real estate market. When considering buying a home with a mortgage it is beneficial to research the interest rates. Interest rate charges highly affect someone’s ability to purchase a residential property. This is because the lower the interest rates, the lower the cost of obtaining a mortgage to buy a home will be, which in turn creates a higher demand for a real estate which leads to a rise in prices.

It is key to take note that as interest rates rise, the cost to obtain mortgage increases hence lowering the demand and prices of real estate. While looking at the impacts of interest rates on an equity investment rather than on residential real estate the connection can be thought of as related to a bond connection with interest rates. If interests decline the value of a bond goes up because its hamper rate becomes more desirable and the interest rates increases, the value of bonds decreases.

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Comparably when the interest rates decrease in the market, the real estate investment trust high yields become more alluring and their value rises. When interest rates increase, the yield on real estate investment trusts becomes less alluring and pushes down their value.


The overall wealth of the economy majorly affects the value of the real estate. It is generally measured   by the economic indicators

However, the redundancy of the economy has differing effects on distinct types of real estate. For instance, if the real estate investment trusts have a larger percentage of their investments in restaurants, it would generally be more affected by the economy downtown than a real estate investment trust that had invested in office buildings. Restaurants are a form of property that is very sensitive to economic activity due to the type of lease structure inherent to the business.

Government Policies

This can have a sizable impact on property demand and prices. Subsidies, taxes and deductions are some of the ways the government can boost demand for real estate temporarily. Knowing current government incentives will help determine changes in supply and demand and identify potential false trends.

What is the best investment?

The scale and size of the real estate market make it an attractive and appealing market for investors. Investors can decide on investing directly in physical real estate or indirectly through managed funds. Direct investment in real estate involves purchasing the residential or commercial property to use as an income-producing property or for resale in the future. Indirect ways of investing in the real estate market include; investing in real estate trusts, real state exchange-traded funds, commercial real estate funds and infrastructure funds. On grounds of higher liquidity available in the market the lower the transaction costs and lower capital requirements, average investors prefer to invest in real estate.

Bottom Line

This article introduced some of the higher-level factors that play a significant role in moving the real estate market, but there are also more complex parts that come into play. And although some of these aforementioned factors suggest a clear-cut relationship between the factor and the market, in practice, the results can be very different. However, understanding the key factors that drive the real estate market is essential to performing a comprehensive evaluation of a potential investment.

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Factors that drive the Real Estate Market in Kenya
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