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It is always worth it to find ways to keep your tenants, this magnets more tenants to your property. Mainly offering inducements to your tenants will be more beneficial than having vacant units in your best bedsitter designs in Kenya.

The motivations you give contribute to allure them and also get you more customer tenants to your best bedsitter designs in Kenya, this however should not always involve or cost you money. There are several ways that will enable you as a landlord or property manager to keep your tenants. In this article, we will be discussing these factors with their contribution to keeping your tenants.

Offering affordable rent.

As the landlord, you should have the knowledge that affordable rent is the number one factor in keeping or getting more customers in your best bedsitter designs in Kenya. Offer rent charges that will be proportionally equal to the property situation or services to be offered as per the tenancy or lease agreements. Consider the economic situation when setting up the rent charges.

 In case of lease renewals or rent renewals, be proactive and let them know in advance of your interests. This will allow them to prepare in advance for any of the choices they have to take. If a tenant decides on moving out, then you can get a chance and more time to advertise your property before they officially move out.

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Be responsive to your tenants.

Be a good landlord in your best bedsitter designs in Kenya and take the privilege of communication. Address all the concerns from your tenants to minimize issues of misunderstanding. As a landlord or property manager ensure that answer any requests you get from your tenants.

Issues like repairs and maintenance of damaged properties or installations should be responded to as soon as possible. Ensure you make visits to inspect the property to ensure that everything is in shape. Treat them fairly and respond to their tenancy needs equally.

Ensure a secure and safe environment.

Assure the tenants that they are secured and there is proper security and the environment around is secure at all times. Ensure there is proper security in your best bedsitter designs in Kenya. Stipulate some rules that will also help in safety issues at the property. Employ guards to inspect the property always and ensure there are no theft issues occurring on the premises. Fence the compound and fix gates that should be on the lock to ensure that the area is secure at all times for the comfortability of your tenants.

Ensure there is proper hygiene.

Create a clean environment around your best bedsitter designs in Kenya, and ensure there is a frequent cleaning routine of the compound. This will improve the tenancy business both by keeping your tenants, attracting more, and meeting the NEMA guidelines in environmental cleanliness. Grass or flower trimming should be done often. Ensure there is frequent garbage collection to maintain cleanliness.

Ensure there is proper, frequent water and electricity supply.

Water services are important to the tenants, it helps also in maintaining the hygienic status of the compound. Electricity is also a major concern to the tenants, check on its availability always to avoid inconvenience. Address any issues concerning the delays in supply of these two requirements. Notice your tenants earlier in cases of loss of water and electricity to avoid misunderstandings.

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