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Having a home is an accomplishment that multiple adults would want to fulfill in life, very many things may come up, but with a well-known construction company, having low-cost house designs in Kenya is becoming a norm. There are very many designs that require less spending due to their simplicity and cost-saving plan.

Types of low-cost house designs in Kenya

There are thousands of house designs that are easy to set up and maintain in the long run.

1. Contemporary houses

This is a design of a house that intends to adapt to the upcoming norms, fads, and technology. This design blends in with other house designs which makes it suitable to stand as one of the low-cost house designs in Kenya. It is a historical design house but its traits give it the power to stand as a modern house.

House Plans Kenya

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2. Townhouse

This is a house design that can be either in form of a bungalow or maisonette. They are owned and not rented to tenants, they are usually built together and form a society which is enriched by its members sharing facilities like the swimming pool, clubhouses, basketball courts and many other things, these premises are constantly guarded by a private security agent or the police.

3. Villas

Is a one-story building that has an exterior balcony and is also designed to have a garden or terraces. They may pose independently or share a wall with the neighbors. The villas built on the coast are always separated with spacious land surrounding them. But considering some factors it emerges as a low-cost house design in Kenya.

4. Apartments

This is a residential unit inside a building, a condo can be an apartment where the owner can sublet his unit to a tenant. Apartments have similar characteristics to condos, like, they share facilities such as clubhouses, swimming pools, etc. They are well maintained and spacious. Depending on the size then it comes out as low-cost house designs in Kenya.


Their short form is condos, they are also single units in a building, and they also share some characteristics with apartments. The difference comes in when condos are sold independently and can be owned but apartments are rented. Their exclusive features make them be viewed as a club with private membership, this residence is usually protected by the police or private security agent.

6. Fabricated house designs

The house design is energy efficient and easy to set up, is a house that uses pure technology to set up, it is made from ruins of buildings which are transported to the company for manufacturing, and within 2-3 hours the materials are handy and are taken to the station of construction for assembly. This house design is used as a camp for the homeless when a disaster strikes since it is fast to build. Due to such features, it is considered a low-cost house design in Kenya.

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7. Container homes

These are types of low-cost house designs in Kenya. This is a house design that is purely built from the shipping containers. This house design is luxurious, it can be delivered to your land either already shaped into your desired design or not, it depends on the selling agent. This house design can be shifted from place to place given the space.

8 Panoramic house design

This is a house design that is mostly built from glass, where the glass window covers the sitting room and may extend up to the kitchen.

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There are many house designs in the country, but low-cost house designs in Kenya are the ones that you dream of and desire to build. West Kenya Real Estate is a construction company that delivers all the construction services alongside other services like property valuation, property letting, construction, house plans, and architectural design talk to us via email at info@westkenyarealestate.com  or SMS, call, WhatsApp (+25478921768/+254724481087) also you can visit us in our offices at Kisumu.

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