Although building a house is expensive and scary, having the right plan and knowledge about what you want to build is much more satisfactory. Having a plan that is well designed by specified architects is an apex decision made in life. For you to build a low-cost simple house design in Kenya, a big line of individuals is needed to make the construction reach completion such as architects, project managers, grounds, and construction technicians.

Variants to a low-cost simple house design in Kenya.

Some of the things that will change on the type of design that you pick;

Size of the family, lifestyle, financial status, plot area, etc.        

This is the number of people who are part of the family, a large number will require enough rooms and it may make you choose a maisonette or bungalow house design. The specifications put on the plan by the family members will also determine the cost of building your house.

If one is used to a particular type of lifestyle, retarding from it will be a great demise, everyone wants to move forward and improve on what they want or believe. One would want a house with a swimming pool, study room, play area, and many more luxurious rooms in the house many specifications may make a high budget.

The amount of money one has is very equivalent to the type of house design he will get in the market. But to have a low-cost simple house design in Kenya you need a highly classified contractor for your construction.

The size of the plot will determine if you will build a maisonette or a bungalow, a bigger land obviously will encourage you to go for a bungalow and a smaller house depending on the size of the family will take you to a maisonette or small bungalow.


A maisonette can be any house so long as it has another story on top of the ground floor, some may even have two floors. Apartments, condos, contemporary homes, townhouses, and many other types of house designs may take the form of a maisonette. The idea is for us to come with a low-cost simple house design in Kenya and your choice matters a lot

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A bungalow

This is a one-story building that is designed to spread horizontally in its construction. It is cheaper depending on the number of rooms you want and the modifications to be put in the plan. It is also one of the low-cost simple house designs in Kenya. This house can confer for all kinds of families, single families and even continuing families. There is privacy since those from outside cannot see what is happening in the house. A bungalow gives a warm environment, they are pleasant and it is a friendly low-cost simple house design in Kenya.

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Building a low cost simple house design in Kenya is an achievement since the struggles that you will go through so as to have a house is really tiresome.  Not planning well for your house design is a plight. West Kenya Real Estate Company is out to help you design your house in the cheapest way possible, our engineers are well equipped and experienced they will always ensure that all the measurements are accurate and correct.

We provide services like construction, property letting, property valuation, management, sales, architectural design, and home plans. We are an affordable, quality detailed, and modern construction company where we also provide low-cost simple house designs in Kenya which are presentable. Visit us at our offices in Kisumu or Nairobi. Contact us via email (info@westkenyarealestate.com) or call, SMS, or WhatsApp us through (+254789217685 or +25472448087). 

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