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There are hundreds of house designs in Kenya, and a great number of us are taking their time to search for house designs in Kenya cost saving. What many of us want is to build beautiful and durable homes.

There are several factors which would greatly affect the choice of your house design in Kenya and cost, the cost of the house, contractor’s advice, size of family, land size, family needs

This article will help you know factors that will affect the choice of your house design and the types house designs in Kenya.

Factors affecting house designs in Kenya and Cost

1.     The cost of house

Every house design in Kenya has its own price, the price of a maisonette may be attractive from a bungalow or vice versa. Also, the cost of the house will vary with the specifications that you may want in the house plan.

2.     Contractor’s advice

Building a house has challenges and it requires consultation from experienced architects to avoid tragedy, like the house collapsing. An architect will advice you on the proper ways of building your house and will advice to pick a plan which suitable on your land, the architect does not decide for you but advice you, it is a choice to decide.

3.     Size of family

Having a family is a blessing, a small family will not require a big house design in Kenya and cost will be low. But still, there are spacious house designs which can confer for either a big or small family. The choice will be left for you to decide on which house design and cost you want

4.     Land size

Having a big land is advantageous since it gives you space for any house design in Kenya and cost. In a big size of land, you can build any type of house design. Still, there are house designs like maisonette which can fit in a small land and provide all the necessary rooms you desire.

5.     Family needs and desire

The family will want certain things in there home, certain rooms be in certain shape and how the compound to look like. Boys would want their rooms to be designed in a different way from how you as a parent would want, same to girls, this feature will then be included.

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House designs

The house designs in Kenya and costs will vary with what you pick for a house.

1.      Maisonette

 It is a 2-story building being precise. From various source we know that the approximated cost of build a house can be sh45000 per square meter. A maisonette is designed to have floors on top of the other.

This type of house design in Kenya is cost saving and also saves on space. A smaller foundation is and a small roof will cover the many rooms below.

2.      Bungalow.

As you search for house designs in Kenya and cost, bungalow features in as one of the designs. I This house design is usually built spreading horizontally. It takes enough space and for a large design of a bungalow, enough land space is required, this house design is suitable for medium and large families. The house design gives privacy and ensures safety of people.

3.       Apartment.

An apartment is a unit of from a whole building. They are well vanished and can have to as many as four bedrooms. The tenants share facilities like lifts, corridors, swimming pools, club houses. They are not owned but rented unlike condos.

They can be used as homes, shops and at times offices. Apartments are comfortable since they bring the community lifestyle.

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Having a house of your desire and specifications is a contented feeling. Where you have your house built by highly specified contractors.

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