One day a client worked into our office and greetings, he asked the question “how much does it cost to build a 4 bedroom house in Kenya”? Again, that every day another person asked the same question via email. This made become more curious about the cost of building a 4 bedroom house in Kenya.

To address this question, we need to put several things into perspectives. The first thing is that the cost of a house is derived from several parameters. Such parameters include location, size of rooms, design chosen and materials. The materials used will lead to building a low cost house or a very luxurious house.

Therefore, in order to address this question of how much does it cost to build a 4 bedroom house in Kenya; we need to evaluate how these parameters affect the house.

  1. Location

Location of a house affects the pricing of materials due to transport costs. If you want to build a house is a remote area, you will spend a lot on fuel to take materials to the round. If you are building identical house in Molo Nakuru County and another one in Nyatike assuming a central supply source of Nairobi Industrial area, you will use more money on material transportation when working at Nyatike site.

  • Size of Rooms

The smaller the rooms the smaller the overall area of the house hence the total cost. If you work with larger rooms, you will increase the overall area of the house and the cost will also go up. For example, a low cost house is estimated to cost Ksh25, 000 per square metre.

Suppose you want to build a house with total square metres of 100. What will it cost you assuming it’s a low cost house? You will spend roughly Ksh2.5M. For a 4 bedroom house, the units must be small rooms like lounge 20 square metres, dinning 12 square metres, kitchen 6 square metres, master bedroom 20 square metres, and the other three bedrooms 9 square metres each and toilet plus bathroom 4 square metres and the remaining areas covered by corridors and may be a store.

Suppose you want to do a low cost 4 bedroom house with slightly bigger spacing and settle for 150 square metres, you will spend roughly Ksh.3, 750, 000. If you want to do a standard house, the cost per square metre will go up to roughly Ksh32, 000 per unit square metre. Therefore, you are likely to spend Ksh.4, 800, 000.

Do you see how size of rooms will affect the cost of your house?

  • Design

Are you building a 4 bedroom bungalow or 4 bedroom maisonette houses? Are you going to have a balcony or not? Are you going to have a studio on the upper floor or just bedrooms? Are you going to have a front porch or even a back porch? Are you including a garage or not? What is your house design?

As people who offer construction services in Kenya, this is one thing which is likely to change your housing cost. You must interrogate yourself and see what you can do with based on your budget and what you can dispense of.

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  • Materials chosen

Right from the foundation to painting, the materials drive construction costing. If you choose to do foundation wall with stones, the cost will be different with if you do with brick. If you do the wall with stones, bricks or blocks, the cost will also differ. The type of plumbing and electrical materials also varies with type and cost. So materials will drive your costing throughout the project. You need to consult with your contractor so that you know the kind of materials which can be used on your project given the available funds.

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