The quality of a building depends on the design, size, and location of the house. 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya can be found in many ways; googling is one of them. Having experts curve down the house structure you want to build will save the budget and time. Though construction will be a big hassle, the results are always long-term benefits.

House Plans Kenya: 3 bedroom maisonette building plan in Kenya

3 bedroom house plans in Kenya can be of different models and styles. The house model should be either a mansion or a bungalow—other styles like cottages, villas, contemporary, Victorians, and prefabs, among different house styles. Therefore, you must pick a house model matching the taste, land size, and budget.

Bungalow 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya are houses with single floors, typically with rooms on one level surrounded by a large veranda. Depending on the design of the roof, mostly gabled roofs will allow the house to have small spaces between the top and ceiling. A mansion house is a design that will have two or three floors.

3 bedroom house plans in Kenya with photos are the best way to go since it has simple floor plans. They do not have a complex floor layout, leading to a cost reduction. The design and aesthetics are simple and less fancy. Simple designs will keep your house in style for a very long time, and you will not have to worry about the house’s resale value.

Why do we need to consider a small size of 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya? Having a house with a length of 1500 square feet allows you enough outdoor space, it is cheaper, and you also save on your monthly bills like the electricity, which makes the house affordable and easy to maintain. Small, 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya are a good option for those looking to build in the suburbs. Despite being small, the houses have plenty of rooms because of the functional, well-designed floor plan. A well-planned simple house design will offer the best comfort you have been craving by not adding too much to the bottom line.


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3 bedroom house plans in Kenya stand up for a great investment for the family in the present and future. The possibility of the house plans to have a garage or not is inspiring. That is why 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya are so popular. Still, most families that intend to grow will build the house much simpler by having an open kitchen, living room, one utility room, and two bathrooms.

Even if the family is small, the 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya will suit you. One master bedroom, the other room for the child, and the third room for the guest. The best motivation is that the third room can change its use anytime. That is one of the house’s charms, among other charms.

The utility of the house is more important in addition to efficiency. All that is required is the happy moments shared in the family, which will be documentation that the coming generation will always refer to and remember the happy time they spent in a 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya.

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